How To Bet On a Greyhound At the Dog Track

All greyhound tracks In the uk and Ireland provide you with the opportunity to back your chosen dog using the on-course bookmaker. The process of financing a greyhound having a bookmaker is quite simple but may be intimidating to someone who’s not knowledgeable about the process. To help the novice punter I’ve broken down this process into the following 5 easy steps outlined under


1) Find the gambling ring


In the gambling ring You will discover the monitor bookmakers. The gambling ring is generally found along the railings before the main standalone. The bookies will often be working to a elevated platform with a board record the likelihood of their dogs at the upcoming race. The puppies will soon be numbered 1-6, as stated by the trap where they’ve been drawn. Your race card will inform you which snare your preferred puppy was drawn in.


Two ) Look for the best cost


The chances being offered On every greyhound will fluctuate between every bookmaker so that it might be well worth shopping around to obtain the best price available on the choice 안전놀이터. The chances are exhibited on the plank at format (e.g. 2/1) along with the costs will be different in agreement with the sum of money being wagered.


3) The Way to Put Your wager


To place a wager Strategy the bookmaker demonstrating the very best cost and condition the quantity of your wager, the type of wager (generally a win wager ) and snare amount of the puppy. By way of instance, you’ve researched the race card decided you’d love to set a wager of $20 to the puppy in Trap 5 to obtain the race. As soon as you’ve your choice made you’d approach your preferred bookmaker and obviously say”$20 Grow Taller 5″. Then you offer him your $20 and he’ll provide you a ticket with all the particulars of your wager beforehand. Place this ticket in a secure location, since it is your evidence that the wager has been approved from the bookmaker and you’ll have to make it to maintain your winnings.


4) When to Put the wager


You can place your wager At any moment prior to the race starts. The most experienced punters wait till the last minutes until the race starts to put their stakes, things could become really hectic at the gaming ring now so in the event that you’d like to prevent becoming caught up in the hurry it would be a good idea to receive your bet on ancient and find a fantastic place in the from the stand to see the race. The reason seasoned gamblers make it late to place in their bets is you will often get better deals from the bookmakers that the nearer you get to the start of the race, even as soon as you’re more acquainted with setting bets you also can join in the delight of the previous minute rush.


5) Fulfilling your winnings


If the puppy you endorsed To win crosses the line in first position then your wager is a winner! When the arena announcer has verified the consequence of the race you are able to accumulate your winnings. To accomplish this you have to come back to the bookmaker by which you put your wager, hand him that the ticket you received in the time you put you bet and he’ll provide you the winnings beforehand. Be certain that you count your cash and make certain you were given the right amount before you depart the bookmaker. As soon as you’re satisfied you’ve been paid the appropriate quantity, you are able to leave the gaming ring and go invest your winnings.


I hope you find that this Guide helpful and you also enjoy a lot of succeeding in the monitor.


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