What is a Staffing Agency?

Today they are called staffing agencies and yesterday they were called employment agencies. Not only has the name changed, but today’s modern staffing agencies have changed in the way they conduct their businesses. In the good old days, when you went to an employment agency, you filled out an application, took a test and were given the name and address of the prospective employer where you would be interviewed. You then went home and waited… Today’s staffing agencies have lists of many prospective employers and employees that they can match up. Many of the staffing agencies take on the role of career counselors and advisors in order to help the prospective employee find the job best suited for them. Today’s staffing agencies help the employee onto the right career path and to make the right job choice thereby, providing to the employer, a better more qualified employee.

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Today’s economy has not been kind to job seekers and there are many. Companies with ailing bottom lines have had to let many of their employees go. In some instances the company itself had to look for relief from the bankruptcy court. Employees from maintenance crews to executives are looking for work. There is some good news in all of this for hiring employers. If you hire someone that has been unemployed for more than one month, you will not have to pay withholding tax for that employee to the end of the year. This gives the needy employer some incentive to hire the unemployed.

There is perhaps no other employee more important than the salesperson to a company that has a product or service to sell. However, sales recruiters have been known to say that these are the positions that are the most difficult to fill. The days of the door-to-door salesman are over. Today’s sales person can sit at the computer and advertise his or her product or service and with a click of the mouse find prospective customers for that product or service. In fact, the sales person with a good website will attract only those people that are interested in that product or service which saves having to weed out the disinterested people from the interested people..

Since the President has offered a stimulus package for thinking green, many of the staffing agencies are working with companies that are turning green. The staff for the new green businesses must be environmentally conscious and be knowledgeable about eco friendly, energy saving, products and services. Green is no longer just the color of money; it is the color of our employment future. As did the Phoenix rise from the ashes, so will our economy with eco friendly and environmentally conscious employers and employees. In order to fill the needs of their green environmentally conscious customers or clients, employers will turn to the staffing agencies to find top notch employees to fill these new jobs. Those top notch employees must be well versed in eco friendly and energy saving ways.

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